Do you come to us or do we go to you?

M.U.A.H. By Summer is strictly a freelance company so we spoil our clients by going to their home, hotel or venue.

Is your makeup all natural/oragnic?

As we do carry some more natural/organic products and skin care, a lot of our products are not. If you suffer from a specific allergy we require you to inform us in the allergy section of our contract so we can take the necessary steps to accommodate you. 

Do you offer extensions?

Yes we offer the service of installing clip in hair extensions although the hair must be provided by the client. 

Is your kit sanitized?

Of course! We pride ourselves on sanitation and always use disposables. Our products and hands are sanitized with alcohol to prevent spreading infection. Our brushes are deep cleaned before every event and no ones face is ever touched with a dirty brush. 

Do i need to provide anything?

The only thing needed from you is a table or counter space to work from, an outlet/outlets, and an armless chair/chairs. All hair and makeup tools and products provided by us unless your have a favorite you would like to include of your own. 

Can i book a trial first before i book my wedding date?

Yes you can but your wedding date is not secured until a signed contract and retainer are recieved so there is no guantee it will still be available.  

How soon should i book M.U.A.H. By summer for my event?

3-6 months. 6 months for the more popular months such as April, May, June, September & October.